How to migrate files and emails from one web server to another

By: Hossein Jalali • April 16, 2014

A client of mine was having a lot of trouble with his shared hosting and finally made the decision that enough was enough. Below I will write down the whole process of transfering from an unknown hosting to Godaddy.

I will be using (with IP: as the name of his website (domain) and as the email address that needs to move, replace it with yours.

The challenges that we faced were:

  • Moving 5 years worth of email from one webmail to another considering 
  • Transfering over 2.5GB from one server to another

Step 1: Setup Hosting

This is the step where you decide to move away and select an appropriate hosting for your website. We will use Godaddy as a default since many of the hosting processes are common amongst the top providers and also it is the most recognized one.
Godaddy offers a free domain with your hosting, use it as you wish.

  • Once the hosting is ready setup your cpanel account
  • Go to Domains > "add on domains" and add as an addon (this will allow you to be prepared once you wish to redirect your domain to this server). Basically this prepares the hosting to accept the domain call
  • Lets say IP address is yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy


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Purchasing an Alienware was the biggest mistake I have ever made!

By: Hossein Jalali • March 13, 2014

Below is a rage email I made to Dell Customer Service in the US afer not being able to get any type of answer from the Customer Service in the MENA region.

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This squirrel made my day

By: Hossein Jalali • February 19, 2014

I have always had a phobia of animlas, hard as I try, I can not remember why? Was it something in my childhood or just nature, but ever since we got Leo (almost 2 years ago) I started appreciatign animals much more. He really changed my whole perspective on the world and I have tend to become more sensetive on matters related to animals.

Anyways all the above was an introduction to me laughing out loud at this image:

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Facebook is heading in the wrong direction, greed is short term!

By: Hossein Jalali • January 30, 2014

Recenly I have been reading a lot of negative articles about facebook and the fact that they are no longer the "cool" thing and how the growth has stopped, teenagers don't use facebook anymore, how it will die in the year 20XX, etc. 

My personal take is that it can not die and it never will, yes! I agree that it has become a burdon rather than a fun network to follow people and snoop in on their personal lives, we use it based on habit and a bit of curiousity but our activity has decreased dramatically, we don't post status messages every few minutes and check back to see the number of likes and comments it receives, we keep that for instagram and snapchat now.

Take a look at this picture:


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How to get a non-Latin slug from the address bar

By: Hossein Jalali • December 15, 2013

Sometimes when creating websites in Arabic or Farsi we are forced to accept slugs* that are non-Latin, These links usually look nice on the address bar but that is the only place they look good. Once we copy paste that URL and pass it on to others each character turns into a strange ASCII unit. 

Now that can also be acceptable if we were not going to use the slug, but in cases where we use that slug as an identifier for the article, news, or whatever it is associated with, then we have a problem. The problem is that our database has saved the slug in it's non-Latin form while when storing the slug as a variable it dispaly incorrectly.

This is where two lines of code comes in handy.

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