The - I don't want to spend hours reading articles and watching videos - guide to learning Git

By: Hossein Jalali • May 12, 2016

While my days of coding are long gone, my passion for learning and playing with code as a hobby still flares. For every project we begin with I always make sure I understand the architecture and the infrastructure my team at Edoramedia is working on and have major OCD to assuring codes are formatted correctly, commented in the right standard, and OOP is well integrated.

Obviously in order for the team to work in that fashion, using a proper version control platform is essential. Hence the use of Git. At first git seems really overwhelming and unnecessary for the "cowboy" coder, but once you dive deep and learn it properly, there is no going back.

In this article I want to jump into the important parts of Git without giving a whole background of where it came from, who is Linus Trovalds, etc.

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A small repository of the most common shell commands

By: Hossein Jalali • May 8, 2016

For some reason I always forget all the ssh commands quite quickly and find myself search Google and opening up the same URL over and over again.

Today I am writting all the important ones I have used and re-used all together (some gathered from previous posts), as a repository for myself and others. 

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A nice little case study on how important it is to track the RIGHT data for decision making

By: Hossein Jalali • August 20, 2015

A couple months back we had built a really neat little app for one of our clients and it was performing really well in terms of downloads.

In one of our meetings with the marketing team we were discussing the different campaigns they were running and how well each was performing. In those talks they mentioned that one of the main objectives of the app is to push new users to click on a promotional banner and fill up a form so the sales team can contact them.

These talks lead to quite an interesting observation.

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#mydubai is for everyone and hopefully more than just a statement

By: Hossein Jalali • April 30, 2015

In the past few days I have heard from multiple friends that they were called by EmiratesNBD letting them know that their accounts will be closed shortly, no reason was given but also not necessary as we have all faced such calls in the recent years, it is not based on my activity, personality, background or any of these features that define me as a human, NO! It is becasue of my nationality!

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How to always use instead of the annoying country specific Google website

By: Hossein Jalali • April 15, 2015

Tip: If you don't want google.[country-code] (in my case to show up as default on your browser every time you search and prefer, all you need to do is go to a specific URL and that is it.

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