Facebook is heading in the wrong direction, greed is short term!

By: Hossein Jalali • January 30, 2014

Recenly I have been reading a lot of negative articles about facebook and the fact that they are no longer the "cool" thing and how the growth has stopped, teenagers don't use facebook anymore, how it will die in the year 20XX, etc. 

My personal take is that it can not die and it never will, yes! I agree that it has become a burdon rather than a fun network to follow people and snoop in on their personal lives, we use it based on habit and a bit of curiousity but our activity has decreased dramatically, we don't post status messages every few minutes and check back to see the number of likes and comments it receives, we keep that for instagram and snapchat now.

Take a look at this picture:


I have color coded what I see when entering facebook:

  • Gray: Items that I really don't care much about and are usually static data.
  • Red: Advertisement
  • Green: The reason I come to facebook.

Notice that Ads are taking over! A full panel belongs to ads, and if that is not enough they also put ads right in the middle of my stream. 

Obviously my intentions of coming into facebook is clear and it is also obvious that facebook just does not care anymore. It's goal is no longer getting me the best and most relevant content from friends and family. That goal has now changed to getting me the most relevant advertisements to assure a high CTR for the client.

I am managing a facebook page with quite a lot of fans, these are people who have decided to like the page becuase the content is of intrest to them. Over the year I have noticed how hard facebook is trying to get me to pay in order to make myself visible to these people and I am not giving in, therefore even though in a year the page likes has jumped from from 5 million to 10 million, the average number of likes and shares my content gets has reduced dramatically (from somewhere around 10,000+ likes to 200 likes), and before you give me the BS speech about "relevant content" to "relvenat audience" my content has not changed, we post funny and viral videos and images and our direction has not changed a bit but facebook is just removing me from my audience stream in an attempt to force me to "re-advertise" to people who have selected to "like" me and have me on their stream.

Unfortunatly on the Internet just as positive momentum continues to make something grow and grow out of proportion, negative momentum is the exact same and facebook is going downhill, only time will tell if they will become another Myspace or not, but what is obvious is they are struggling and the company goals are no longer intune with the audience.

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