The different types of people rooting for Expo2020 on Twitter

By: Hossein Jalali • November 27, 2013

For the past few months the World Expo2020 has been a huge discussion of talk in Dubai. In the final few days I have been monitoring the hashtag #Expo2020 and noticed categoriezed group of people talking about the Expo, below I want to go in detail on each one.

  • The common people: I categorize myself as part of this group, these are professionals who are quite normally active on Twitter and support the Expo2020 bid for Dubai as they see this as a great opportunity for growth in the country, leading to higher quality of life and better economical stability.
  • The Locals: These are patriotic UAE nationals who have worked hard in making Dubai be where it is today. and finally it is paying off.
  • The Non Locals who think they are Local: These are foriegners who have lived in UAE more than the common expat and suddenly assume they are UAE national, the number of tweets made about Expo2020 from these people tops the charts. Constantly mentioning how proud they are etc. etc. This always leads me to think that they do not tweet out of appreciation and gratitude but rather to build on their CV, to perhaps have their tweet viewed by an important person in an important department and therefore open an opportunity to win a dream job.

That really wraps it up. I follow quite a handful of the 3rd group and they never fail to surprise me with the amount of love they show everything Emirati. And of course every tweet or two they always put an Arabic term in the middle to give it that Middle Eastern flavor, even though their knowledge of Arabic begins with Insha'Allah and ends with Shawarma. 

Update: Congratulations! We won!! Yallah Dubai! ... Ana Emirati and proud!

Wait ... what?

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