How to always use instead of the annoying country specific Google website

By: Hossein Jalali • April 15, 2015

Tip: If you don't want google.[country-code] (in my case to show up as default on your browser every time you search and prefer, all you need to do is type:

NCR standing for No Country Restriction and that's it.


If this did not work there is a more complex workaround considering you are using Google Chrome:

  1. Go to Setting > Search > Manage Search Engines
  2. You will see a long URL next to the Google Search, copy it and paste it on notepad or elsewhere.
  3. Under the "Other search engines" add a new one (give it any name you like and any keyword you prefer)
  4. Now in the long URL that you have put in notepad change the part that says {google:baseURL} to
  5. Finally set this new search engine as your default

Probably a restart of chrome will be required.

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