The Iranian new year is just around the corner and my life will be changing forever soon ...

By: Hossein Jalali • March 19, 2015

 It's been a few months since I last wrote and while there is so much to write about I just could not wrap my mind around everything that is happening. Today I decided to review the year that passed, review all the good and bad.

In just 6 days I will become a fatherو this alone has been hard to grasp. It's just surreal in a way where my brain is unable to analyse the depth of it. Everyone says your perspective on life will change your goals, your values and I am sitting there and trying to understand how? Every time I think about Wednesday 25th of March, 9 am my heart sinks, the doctor said the whole process takes only 4-7 minutes until the baby will reveal itself! *shivers* ... I am blessed to have this opportunity, to become a father to another living creature (Leo aside of course LOL), and even more blessed to do it with the woman I love and grew up with, not everyone gets such a chance and those who do I assume take it lightly. 

I also left a 6 year job to begin my own. I must say again I was quite lucky and had an advantage not many do, my previous employer really helped me make this a smooth transition and hand held me throughout the whole process, something I will forever remember and appreciate, not only that they are now one my major clients and this allowed me to pursue my dreams with much less risk than one must accept when taking such decision, so yes I am blessed to have had such a rare opportunity.

On that note I was also quite blessed to partner up with an old high school friend of mine and expand our business. The beauty of this partnership (which I must say can always be challenging) is that both of us are quite sensitive and aware of making sure the other does not feel they are being used. We both work hard and we both have the same set of life goals and values, these all add up to a great structure and due to it our company is moving in exactly the right direction and for this I feel once again I have been blessed.

Next time I write my baby is probably sleeping in the other room.

سال نو مبارک!

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