Purchasing an Alienware was the biggest mistake I have ever made!

By: Hossein Jalali • March 13, 2014

Below is a rage email I made to Dell Customer Service in the US afer not being able to get any type of answer from the Customer Service in the MENA region.

"I have purchased an Alienware M17x 2 years ago for almost $3,000 in the United Arab Emirates! 

From the second month it did not perform as it was supposed too, so I had it sent for them to fix, after holding the laptop over 1 month they said that the whole motherboard was replaced and the issue should be fixed.

The computer was OK for 2-3 months and again it did not perform well in games, regardless I had a lot of work to do so I could not afford to give the computer back to the shop for another month so I kept it for more over a year.

At one point the computer became really slow with a lot of graphic card issues so I contacted the customer service (which I must say very frankly were very very slow in understanding, English was their second language and could not talk nor understand English properly, beyond that their understanding of computers was extremely low, each phone call would easily take 45 minutes just for them to write down my contact details and understand the problem).

They finally sent someone to come fix the computer on the spot around 18 December 2013, he came played with it made it worse and left. 

After 2 days the computer did not even turn on anymore, I asked them to come take it, they did that, took the computer held it for 2-3 weeks and returned it with again a new motherboard and for some reason the computer was formatted so goodbye to all my personal data such as images of trip's to Turkey, Spain, etc!

I got the computer and noticed nothing had changed, still when in game the game would be come extremely slow to the point where it seems like the screen freezes, then it comes back to life gradually gets better for a few second and again becomes slow slow slow lock ... slow slow slow OK making it impossible to play any video games.

I called again (and remember every phone call takes over 45 minutes of discussion with these contact centers in Egypt) they got my details and someoene came picked up the computer took it and again for 1 month was with them. 

Computer came back with new graphic card and again new mother board (or as they say) everything seemed fine, after 1 month it is now back to what it was! 

I contact the Customer Service and they tell me you warranty is over!!!

This is unfair and extremely horrible service for a laptop that costs more than any laptop I have ever seen.

No one responds to me, I have called the customer service 2 times and they told me they would get back to me and they never did. When I contact customer service in the US they just don't accept responsibility and say speak to your regional customer service and again the cycle begins.

For 3 weeks this computer has been slow and I am to the point where I want to rage and just break it and turn it into a viral video on YouTube!!

Please either direct me to a decision maker or help me fix this issue."


Update (May 05, 2014)

Up until now my laptop is with the Service Center who has been holding on to it since April 7, 2014. They were willing to replace the same parts that "supposidly" was the problem but after 2 weeks told me there are new parts that are also broken (why? when?) that need to be replaced but are no longer under warranty.

This obviously is extremely annoying since my laptop has been with customer service trying to get fixed since 18 December 2014 making it 5 months now. How come they did not tell me those parts were broken initially? Either they were broken during warranty period and were missed or they broke them while servicing my computer and now want me to pay for it.

I have been in chains of emails with customer service who tells me they can do nothing. 

This is by far the worst I have ever seen. A simple problem 5 months ago continues to drag, they hold on to my computer for months and return it with the same exact problem only with 1 month of service agreement period gone. I am asking for nothing more than what I had asked 5 months ago, I am facing the same exact problem I faced 5 months ago but unfortunately due to slow responses and holding of my computer the warranty is over ...

My hands are tied and no one takes any responsibility, I can not begin to describe the number of times I was told that I would be called back and never got called. The number of times I was told a date when everything would be ready and that date was missed by over 2-3 weeks.

Hopefully someone who can take decisions will read this article and help me find a solution.

Beyond all of this, in 1 month it will be half a year that I am using an old computer waiting for a day my computer is returned in a stable situation.


Update (June 19, 2014)

So Finally I was granted a "special case" treatment which allowed them to replace my motherboard and graphic card even though I no longer have warranty.

After waiting 2 weeks for the parts to come and another 1 week of them assembling the parts the computer came into my hands.

Working with it for 2 hours immediately showed there was something wrong. The DVD drive was not reading DVD's (so I could not install some of my software) and every time I turn on windows a fatal error appeared regarding the Alienware softwares that manage the keyboard lights (and you know how annoying it is to get a fatal error ever time windows loads on a fresh windows install).

With all that I was OK and continued to install my first video game. The game came up and the screen started flickering! I installed another game, again same thing the computer flickers, and the AC port keeps giving an error saying that I should use an original AC Adaptor (which I am), and the computer would go on Battery mode just for a few seconds therefore slowing the game.

In short! We were back where we started and my calls and emails began again!

The service center representing Dell denied taking my computer and said they did their part and hooked up the hardware and I need another approval from Dell so they can replace them again (stupid robots)!

Dell support has been extremely slow. It is now 3 weeks since I have the computer in hand and I am waiting for them to "escalate" the problem! Every time I email they say ... we are waiting or just choose not to respond to my emails.

There is not one person who accepts responsiblity, not one person who even cares, everyone just either listens and never responds back or they just say it is out of our hands. I have no access to any of the managers and I doubt given the culture I see in Dell Support (after talking to over 5 people till now) they would care. I am just a drop in an ocean.

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