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A nice little case study on how important it is to track the RIGHT data for decision making

By: Hossein Jalali • August 20, 2015

A couple months back we had built a really neat little app for one of our clients and it was performing really well in terms of downloads.

In one of our meetings with the marketing team we were discussing the different campaigns they were running and how well each was performing. In those talks they mentioned that one of the main objectives of the app is to push new users to click on a promotional banner and fill up a form so the sales team can contact them.

These talks lead to quite an interesting observation.

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Facebook is heading in the wrong direction, greed is short term!

By: Hossein Jalali • January 30, 2014

Recenly I have been reading a lot of negative articles about facebook and the fact that they are no longer the "cool" thing and how the growth has stopped, teenagers don't use facebook anymore, how it will die in the year 20XX, etc. 

My personal take is that it can not die and it never will, yes! I agree that it has become a burdon rather than a fun network to follow people and snoop in on their personal lives, we use it based on habit and a bit of curiousity but our activity has decreased dramatically, we don't post status messages every few minutes and check back to see the number of likes and comments it receives, we keep that for instagram and snapchat now.

Take a look at this picture:


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