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Beyond the Resume: Get to Know Me on a Personal Level

Sep 1, 2023

Family first

My journey has always revolved around tech and all things digital, but I've found that truly successful interactions and communications often go beyond just the professional realm. So, here are 4 personal tidbits about me—someone you might consider collaborating with:

1. Family Above All

Family is my cornerstone. I'm the oldest of three brothers, and I have a strong connection with my parents. I'm also blessed to be married to my college sweetheart, and we've got two awesome boys. Plus, there's Leo, our family dog who thinks I'm pretty great, too.

2. A Global Citizen

I was born in Iran, but my roots extend beyond borders. I spent my formative years in the U.S., specifically Oklahoma and West Virginia. Then, it was back to Iran for a decade, where I studied Computer Engineering. My career took off during my 13-year period in Dubai, UAE, where I also earned an MBA. Since 2019, Lisbon, Portugal has been home.

3. Basketball is in my DNA

Standing at 6'4'', basketball isn't just a hobby—it's a big part of my identity. I've been in various 5x5 and 3x3 tournaments since I was 11. I'm competitive by nature, and although I'm generally easy-going, you might catch a glimpse of my feistier side when disagreeing with a basketball ref.

4. An E-Sports Pioneer

From 2002 to 2007, e-sports consumed my life. It even drove me to learn coding, initially to build a CounterStrike tournament site. While I wasn't a star player, my brother was, so I became his agent and his team's. This led me to create an e-sports community website that was the largest of its kind in Iran for years.

Hopefully this gives you a well-rounded view of who I am and the character you are considering to collaborate with.

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